Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Crazy Hazy Zhengzhou

After the past few days' excitement we have decided to rest and relax in the hotel. We are finally shaking our jet lag, but we want to avoid the pollution that has been doing a number on our allergies. Zhengzhou is decidedly different from Beijing. It matches what I imagined a Chinese city to be. The streets are busy and loud. There are as many bicycles and motor scooters as cars. The traffic is incredible. Cars press in on each other and bikes dart out in front. However they all somehow manage not to hit each other. I have yet to see a single dented car.

It's Official: Charli and I pose with her certificate of adoption.

The view from our room.
Julie's Breakfast: She had a Chinese breakfast while I stuck to western food. The bowl of rice crispies and milk I had tasted like heaven. The one Chinese delicacy I had was a fantastic pot of green tea. I believe it is Maojian Tea from Xinyang, Charli's birth town. We are going to buy some before we leave. We are praying for an uneventful flight to Guangzhou tomorrow morning. We should be rested up and ready for China's most westernized city.
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