Thursday, April 9, 2009

To Mrs. Strawn's Class

Hi Kids! I miss you guys SO much. I hope you have a great Easter and spring break. Your questions are great. Here are my answers.

What does China look like?

The parts of China I have seen are very pretty. Spring is just arriving here so things are still sort of brown. The trees are starting to bloom though. You can see the white and purple blossoms in my photos of the Great Wall. Beijing is surrounded by mountains, but Zhengzhou is flat. Guangzhou is surrounded by water. I am watching boats pass by on the Pearl River right now. The only thing that isn't pretty about China is the air pollution. Especially in Guangzhou, the city where we are now, the air is very hazy.

What kinds of foods are there and what are you eating?

Charli Grace has bacon and fried rice everyday for breakfast. I usually have American food like french toast or cereal. Julie likes to eat noodles for breakfast. We eat a snack for lunch. Charli really likes chinese cookies, orange drink, and candied dates. For dinner we try to eat real Chinese food. The best meal we have had so far was in Beijing with our friend Annie. She took us to a spicy food restaurant where we had Kung Pao chicken, sweet and sour beef, and fried green beans. Another favorite of ours is fried noodles. We haven't seen sweet and sour chicken or chicken on a stick. But I did see meat balls on a stick in Beijing.

Are the people nice?

The people we have met are very friendly. Sometimes they seem curious about us. Especially in Zhengzhou, where there aren't many American visitors. When people seem to stare I just smile and say "Ni Hao." They almost always smile back.

How is Charli Grace?

Charli Grace is having a blast. She misses the rest of our family, especially her daddy and Conner, but she loves spending time with her Aunt Julie and having all of our attention. I thought seeing her nannies from the orphanage would worry her, but she was happy to see them again. They were happy to see her too. They really liked the hats Mrs. Long made for the children and the Hokes Bluff T-shirts.

What do their houses look like?

In the city people live in huge apartment buildings. The cities are crowded, much more than Atlanta or Birmingham. In the country people live in villages. Their houses are usually made out of cement blocks. They are square and plain.

How long is the Great Wall?

It is over 4,000 miles long. The amazing part is that it was all built by hand.

Are you using chop sticks?

It depends on where we are eating. In the hotels I usually eat with a fork. In the restaurant in Beijing I ate with chopsticks; that was all they had! Julie likes to eat noodles with chopsticks no matter where we eat. Charli Grace sticks to eating with a spoon or her fingers.

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