Sunday, April 5, 2009

In Beijing

We made it! The flight was loooooong, but mostly uneventful. We flew from Chicago across Canada, over the Artic Circle, Siberia, and then into China. It was facinating to look out and see nothing but a blinding white sheet of ice. Our landing was pretty turbulent. Happily Charli slept until we taxied to the terminal. Julie and I were a little rubber legged, but we managed to navigate the airport and find a shuttle bus to take us to our hotel. We are spending the evening resting up. Tomorrow we are going to the Great Wall. I promise lots of pictures. Hopefully they will be a little more interesting.
When in Bejing... order room service! Before you think I'm being a total wimp, let me say that the burger had a definate Asian flair. Ginger flavored meat, bacon, cheese, and a fried egg. Different, but good.

We also tried this tasty orange drink. I love the wrapper.
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  1. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! You are there!!! OH, please, enjoy and soak in every minute. You will miss China so much when you get home!! I am going to be "traveling" with you all!!! Can't wait for the next update!!!!

    Praying in Alabama,

    Aimee and Carlton Weathers and the fam..

  2. So excited for you. And to think Charli gets to be at the Great Wall with you!! Hope you have a wonderful day. I'll check back tomorrow. Know that I am praying for you.


  3. So glad you're there! I commented on your FB, but don't worry about Chad...we'll take care of him at school! Can't wait for new pics!

  4. Jennifer

    Iv been gone to a dance competition in Bessemer all weekend and couldnt wait to get home and see where you were in China! Charli Grace looks like she is having fun! Have a good time and watch out for the "Fried Chicken Claws" on the breakfast buffet :)

  5. That burger does look pretty good. How was the orange drink?